Mad Hanna is a safe place for you to be you. Mad Hanna is here to serve as a neighborhood community center and exists to provide this community with a safe, entertaining and relaxing environment for patrons to play lottery games, imbibe, eat, and be merry.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open every day from 11am to 2:30am. Please check our hours on Thanksgiving and Christmas as they may vary.

I’ve driven by there a few times and I have to admit I’m curious... what’s it like in there?

Eclectic. Amazing. Sparkly. Comfortable. The cleanest dive bar you’ll ever be in. We’re going for shabby/chic and, not to brag or nothing, but we’re nailing it.

What kind of entertainment do you offer?

We have a coin-op pool table (free play Monday-Friday 11am-3pm, Thursdays 5pm-12m and Sundays all day), lottery games, a Nintendo mini, so so many board games and card games (including Joking Hazard and Cards Against Humanity). There is comfortable seating, surly sweet bartenders, and a great back yard patio. Check out our entertainment page for our schedule of local DJs and band performances.

OOO! You have a back yard?? Can I bring my dog???

You are welcome to have your well behaved, leashed, and in control pets in the back yard while you are here! We are more than happy to accommodate licensed, well behaved, professional service animals inside the bar.

That’s great! Tell me more about your patio?

Our backyard patio is pretty dope. There is plenty of seating and places to set your drinks down while you play with our outdoor ping pong table or home-made hula hoops. We have a small herb and flower garden, a fire pit under a large pergola, corner tables with umbrellas, and a small but comfortable covered porch with an electric fireplace with pictures over the mantle. It’s great in the winter and AmAzInG in the summer.

Can I bring my kids there for lunch?

Sadly, no. Mad Hanna is 21+ all hours every day.

And how about your music situation? You mentioned something about DJs and Bands?

When we don’t have a DJ spinning, we have a well cultivated jukebox that’s just begging to be played. Sometimes we have bands, our stage area is small-ish so a 3 piece fits most comfortably there. Our Entertainment page has all the up to date entertainment info. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep your finger on the pulse of what the haps is.

I’m a DJ/in a band and I’d love to spin/play at Mad Hanna, who should I contact about that?

That’s great! Send an email to Melynda at mhdjbooking@gmail.com for all booking inquiries!

What if I’m with the band/DJ/performance artists, but I’m under 21?

Sadly, no. Mad Hanna is 21+ all hours every day.

I don’t really drink alcohol, but I wanna hang. What kind of drinks can you make me?

All kinds! We have non-alcoholic CBD sodas, fresh squeezed juices for fancy juice mocktails, and a variety of sodas.

Will you be showing the game?

Sure! Why not?! Our TV is first come/first dibs as far as content goes. Our bartenders usually like to keep it fun with themed movies and shows, you will often find those already playing when you walk in the door, but don’t be afraid to ask! If no one else has called dibs for a different game we’re happy to accommodate! We wouldn’t describe us as a ‘sports’ bar, but we like the sports ball, we’ve been to a few Timber’s and Thornes games, even Rose City Rollers! And we like to play B-Ball Bingo all winter with our customers. It’s a really fun way to win Blazer’s tickets, and if you play it right it won’t cost you a thing.

We had such a great time there last night but I think I left my jacket/wallet/keys/phone/earrings/flip-flops/hat/sunglasses/reading glasses/backpack/credit card there... can you check for me??

Happy to! Give us a call at 503-288-2944 and give us a description of what you’re looking for and we’ll have a look around. If you left your credit card here, please be emotionally prepared to show your ID when picking it up!

Ummmmmm... I had another question but I can’t remember it now.........

That’s ok. You can call us at 503-288-2944 or email us at madhanna13@gmail.com with any and all inquiries related to Mad Hanna. We got your back.

Just for fun, how about a list of local businesses you’ve worked with to make Mad Hanna the best it can be?

Heck yeah we can give that to you!

Mad Hanna is a proud supporter of service industry workers and musicians by being a member of the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association and licensed by ASCAP, SESAC, and BMI.